Morgan, A. J. Knights of Neptune (Kobo Books, 2016) ISBN 1230001418323

Knights of Neptune is a series of pirate adventures centred around a Captain Zino Tramoni, a.k.a. the original "Sea Wolf", and his crew of Corsican pirates, set during the early Italian renaissance period.

The Sea Wolf and his band of Corsican pirates go on quests and adventures around the Mediterranean in pursuit of riches and treasures. In adventure number 2, called "The Griffin's Dagger", the Sea Wolf and his Corsican pirates go on a treasure quest deep into the Black Sea. They visit the shores of Georgia in 1580, exploring towns up the coast in their quests of buried treasure. They befriend local Georgians along the way and help them fight against the local Black Sea pirates.

A light-hearted pirate adventure book aimed at teenagers, this is a fun set of short stories. If there ever was a Mediterranean equivalent of Jack Sparrow and the Black Peal, then it would be Captain Zeno and his ship the Serafina. A must for all lovers of pirate adventures, or indeed anyone's book collection.

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